Nominated for Best Student Blog 2013


Because a good friend nominated me, my blog is among the ones you can vote for as the Best Student Blog 2013. If anyone wants to, I would very much appreciate it if you voted for me at There is no pressure, I am happy enough with being nominated for this title. However, there are many other great blogs there, so if you are interested in reading other student blogs, I would recommend to search through that site.

Have a nice weekend!

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– Kristin


The Edublog Awards

Hello, everybody! 

The meaning with this post, is to nominate one of my fellow students for the best student blog of the year, as well as my teacher for  the best teacher blog. is the blog belonging to my classmate and friend, Leah, and is my teacher, Ann’s blog. The Edublog Awards are coming up, and I, therefore, want people to see these blogs, because they are great and educative!

– Kristin  

Expectations for the upcoming year


To begin with, I can say a little bit about myself. My name is Kristin, and I am 17 years old. I live in Norway, a little country situated in the northern part of Europe. This will be a blog about my second year at Sandvika School and life in Norway.

Being young in Norway has a lot of advantages. Amongst them is the educational system, where people have the right to attend school for free. For me, it is a reassurance that I can achieve a great education, without having to worry about the funding. Furthermore, I am fortunate to study in Norway because of the different options, or career paths, schools have to offer. If there is a will, there is a way, one can become anything.

Despite not having chosen a specific career path yet, I have a lot of expectations for this school year. This is my second year at Sandvika and my 12th school year in total, however this time it is different. Not only is it the ordinary excitement around meeting new students and teachers, but this is the first time I have chosen my own classes. Since I have focused on math and chemistry, I expect this year to be quite challenging and demanding. Nevertheless, I am very much looking forward to working hard and, hopefully, overcoming the challenges this year will bring.

– Kristin