Karpe Diem

Music that means something

From a young age, my relationship with music has been a special one. I remember lying in bed for hours and hours just listening to the words and melodies. Since then I have spent countless days wrapped up in my own little musical bubble.

My taste in music has varied a lot over the years, however, there is one band that I always return to. Last week Karpe Diem released three new songs, and I am thrilled. I have listened to their music for years, and yet they still manage to exceed my expectations. They do what great musicians do, namely shine a light on social or political problems. They provoke. They make you think. Combine that with chilling and beautiful melodies, and you have a winning combo.

Music is, in my opinion, a form of art that can contribute to discussion and raise awareness around important subjects in our time. The power of words is therefore something that should not be underestimated. “A word says more than a thousand drawings” is a quote taken from the song “Tusen tegninger”, and Karpe Diem prove it over and over again. They have the ability to find the words to describe feelings that you could never have found yourself. And for that, I truly admire them.

So if you want to listen to something new, I would recommend Karpe Diem. If you are not Norwegian, then just listen to the melodies.

– Kristin


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