The White Tiger- Double Entry Journal

Our teacher asked us last week to write a double entry journal, discussing two paragraphs, or quotes from our book. I chose two extracts which show two different sides of the book. The first one, I think, is a good way of explaining how the Indian society works as it does, and why it is hard to break out. The second one focuses more on the main character’s most important relationship.


«The Rooster Coop was doing its work. Servants have to keep other servants from becoming innovators, experimenters, or entrepreneurs. Yes, that’s the truth, Mr. Premier. The coop is guarded from the inside.


To me, the extract is important in understanding the book. The author explains in a very simple way how the Indian society works, and why it is hard to break out of the patterns. As the main theme in the book is freedom, removing oneself from the known, this extract immediately becomes central in realizing just how he managed to do it. Every time he came close to “breaking out” of his role as a servant, or driver, the other servants tried to pull him back. It, therefore, took a lot of him to achieve his freedom and become an entrepreneur, because no matter where he went, his role was set.  Furthermore, the extract paints an image of his struggle towards his goal. Being locked in a Rooster Coop is a good way of explaining how the people from the lower layers of the society remains faithful to their masters and don’t try to break free.


Background: Mr. Ashok’s wife has just left him and he is devastated.

“He laughed again. I told him another story, and this made him laugh some more. Has there ever been a master- servant relationship like this one? He was so powerless, so lost, my heart just had to melt.”


Most of the book is, in my opinion, built around the connection between Balram and his master, Mr. Ashok, making it a central theme. For that reason, it is only natural to use an extract giving a bit of insight in the development of their relationship. Even though Balram ends up killing his master, he never thinks badly of him. His master was, despite all, the person helping him indirectly with becoming a free man. In the given extract, they move from being master and servant towards being almost friends. Having his wife abandon him, leaves Mr. Ashok so emotionally vulnerable that he needs someone to take care of him. This extract gives the reader an understanding of just how strong their connection is, and that is important is comprehending why Balram can speak and think so nicely of his master, even after he causes his death.

– Kristin


One thought on “The White Tiger- Double Entry Journal

  1. Two good choices of paragraphs in my opinion! I agree with you that the first one shows us how difficult it is to break free and change your destiny in India. The second one is good too since they have a strong but strange relationship that ends badly as you reveal in your text! Well written as usual!

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