White Tiger- First Impression

Hello, everybody!
A while ago, our teacher gave us the choice between two books about cultural differences and other subjects which we have discussed in class. I chose White Tiger, a book written by Aravind Adiga. He was born in Madras, India, in 1974, but grew up in Australia. White Tiger is his debut novel, and the plot takes place in India, perhaps not a coincidence?

At the moment, I have only read the first three “chapters”, nonetheless I have some impressions of the book. It is written as a letter to “His excellency Wen Jiabao”, where the main character explains why there are so many entrepreneurs in India. However, in order to properly explain the reasons, Balram Halwari shares his life story, which is somewhat unusual.

I have to admit that I really like that the book is written in an unusual form. Even though it is supposed to be a formal letter, the author uses a very light and comprehensible language, making it fun to read, as you feel part of a one- way conversation. The story is also captivating, letting you know more about the poorer parts of India. Since I am not finished with the book, I will not try to analyze it, as I do not know the whole story. However, I will get back to you when I am finished with it, giving a more proper answer on my thoughts concerning the subjects and so on.

All I can say is: so far so good! Maybe a good book to read during Christmas holidays, if you like to read and are interested in the Indian culture?

White tiger

– Kristin


22 thoughts on “White Tiger- First Impression

  1. I think i just might pick this up at the library. Have you read the Harry potter books or unwind by Neal Shusterman? I really liked them.

  2. It’s about a society in which all trends above the age of 18 arts in danger of being unwound, or killed and their parts being used for other people. If before 18, you prove you are worthy of being kept by using the best of your abilities you are safe. In the book it tells from the view points of three different characters and eventually their story becomes one. It’s a great book and now there’s one or two more books after that. I finished all the Harry potter books and after each one i read, i watch the movie. I just finished the deathly Hallows party one last night, and hope to finish part two tonight:-D

      1. That sounds like a good book! I’ll definitely try that one 🙂 About finishing the Harry Potter books, I got so sad when i finished them, that I started from the bottom again in English, and now I am reading the first book in French. Haha, can’t seem to get enough.

      2. Yeah, it’s one of my favorites. I could barely see what i was reading because my eyes were so full of tears. It was really sad. That’s awesome that you can read in so many different languages. How many do you know?

      3. It mandatory with a first and second foreign language, so I began learning English in first class and French in eight grade 🙂 Do you have any other languages at school, or is it just English?

  3. That book sounds very interesting! I like those kinds of books that are diffrent, they have an interesting conflict and plot and great character build. Have you read The Fault in Our Stars? Its very popular here in America. Its a great example of the kinds of books im talking about, John Green is saying your may be short but full. I love to read, what books are you interested in? c:

    1. Hi, Vivi! It was definitely a very interesting and different book. I haven’t heard bout The Fault in Our Stars, what is it about? I read pretty much everything, from biographies and psychology, to Harry Potter and romantic novels!

      1. I love Harry Potter! The Fault in Our Stars is about two teens who are dying of cancer and they fall in love. Oh sorry about my typo, I meant to say, *John Green is saying your life may be short but full.* You should definatly read it! There is a movie for the book coming out this June, I think. If your interested I can send you a link to watch it for free if you’d like!

  4. I think I would be more than willing to read ‘White Tiger’ if you think it is fasinating just by reading three chapters. I can’t wait to you finish and tell me more about it!!

    1. Hi, Angel! It was definitely a fascinating book, but at times I was a bit difficult to follow the story/ understand the bigger picture. However, I learned a lot about the culture in India and how the society works!

  5. sorry its been a while, i thought it posted but i guess not. i officially diagnose myself as allergic to technology. thats really awesome though! anyways, yeah we have foriegn language classes we can take; spanish and french; but im not taking any yet. im not sure if it’s a graduation requirement or not. i really wanted to take an ASL class, but our school doesn’t offer that. i was going to try to take an American Sign Language class at the junior college, but they said it wouldn’t count as my language. 😦 so what kind of music do you like?

    1. Haha, it’s okay, I’m not the best with technology myself. I’m sorry to hear that there is so much confusion around choosing a language. I am very glad that I was given French as my foreign language. I love music, especially a Norwegian rap group who have the best lyrics and melodies. I also listen to pop and film- music, such as the piano-themes from Amelie (a french film). What about you, what kind of music do you like? 🙂

      1. yeah. is french easy, or should i do spanish? what would you recomend? that’s cool. some of my friends like film and musical music too. i like pop, some country, some rap, a little tech/dubstep but not a lot. some of my favorite bands are maroon 5, nickelback, and daughtry. i despise boy bands, especially big time rush. there’s a guy in there whos name is kendall. he’s not even cute! :p what are some of your favorite bands?

      2. I like Spanish too, but personally I think the grammar is more complicated than French. However, I don’t speak it very well, so I might be wrong 🙂 I really like Maroon 5 and Nickelback too, I addition I listen to Ne- Yo, Bruno Mars and Karpe Diem.

    1. This year, we haven’t learned anything about the United States. However, we had a lot about the American history last year. The lessons are for the most angled positively,in fact I can’t remember anything that was negative. On the other hand, when we have discussions about topics related to the US and other countries, we try to look at both sides of the story. Sometimes there are disagreements with how things are handled etc.

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