Peace One Day- spread the word

Today in class, we were fortunate to Skype with the founder of Peace One Day, Jeremy Gilley. Talking about what inspired him to try to establish an international peace day, and his best memories from working all over the world, he won over the class. One should never underestimate one man’s intent to change the world.

Jeremy Gilley was an actor before he started to make his own films in 1995. 4 years later, in 1999, the non- profit organization Peace One Day, was founded. At the beginning, it was a film project, made to document Gilley’s efforts to establish a fixed date of global ceasefire and non- violence. Consequently, in September 2001, UN member states unanimously voted for the resolution, establishing 21 September as the UN International Day of Peace. Nevertheless, there were many who doubted whether a day of ceasefire and non-violence was feasible, or if it was just possible in theory. To prove the critics wrong, Gilley and Jude Law, a Peace One Day ambassador, went to Afghanistan and managed to come to an agreement with the Taliban, stating that they would not harm people aiding the locals on 21 September. Three years later, 4, 5 million children had been vaccinated against polio.

However, Peace One Day does not only focus on ceasefire in conflict-areas, their intention is to stop the domestic violence and bullying. What is great about having one specific peace day is that people who are aware of the date will think about it, and consequently some of them will treat each other better. Therefore it is important to spread the word, so that many more will know of Peace One Day and 21 September in 2014.

I must admit that it was an honor getting to Skype with Jeremy Gilley.  His enthusiasm was so catching, the way he spoke about the non- profit organization and his work, inspired not only me, but the whole class. It is remarkable what a difference a person, and his support system, can make in this world. Due to his work and dedication towards establishing a fixed date for global ceasefire and non- violence, he and the organization should, in my point of view, be rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize.

Individuals like Jeremy Gilley, with so much passion and drive, are what the world needs. In order to make peace, even if it is only for one day, it is important to stop being cynical, and start being positive. Every effort can make a difference, and that is why I want all who read this to tell at least one friend or a family member about Peace One Day. Let us raise awareness around 21 September, let us institutionalize the day, and move one step closer to world peace.

Jeremy and our class Skyping

Jeremy Gilley

Who will you make peace with

Who will you make peace with?

– Kristin

Remember to check out Peace One Day on Facebook, Twitter, or visit their homepage


18 thoughts on “Peace One Day- spread the word

  1. I really liked this post. I wish we could Skype with someone like that, it seems really cool. If only we could have peace in the World, right? That’d be seriously amazing if we had peace for one day. But then again if we had peace every single day all the time things wouldn’t be as exciting. But seriously, you did a good job writing this. (: I actually just posted a blog for my class if you wanna check it out?

    Thanks! x
    – chloem7

    1. Thank you, Chloe! It is extremely cool to Skype with someone as important as he is 🙂 World peace would be great, but it is hard to make enemies become friends with each other, so for now I am happy with having one day where people treat each other better. Of course I would like to check out your blog! And thank you again for commenting, it’s nice to get some feedback. – Kristin

      1. We’re actually getting a presentation from someone in Uganda tomorrow. It’s maybe not as school as skyping with someone like that but I’m excited. (: & that’s very true. It’d be nice to just have a drama-free, get along day where everyone’s getting along and not judging and going at each other for a day. Talk about a good day that would be! & thank you so much. Anytime, I enjoyed reading it! (‘:

  2. I think this is a great thing, we need more people like this in the world. There is too much violence, what would you do to hepl bring peace?

    1. Hi, Daisy. You are right, the world need more people like Jeremy. The first thing I’m going to do to help bring peace is to tell everybody I know about Peace One Day. Furthermore, I will focus on being nice to people around me, because my power is limited. Still, it would be nice to try to help people outside Norway as well, so maybe I will use my blog to spread information? For instance, I am going to do my best to make the Nobel Peace Prize committee aware of Peace One Day:)

  3. i like this article, i do believe to that peace in the wold would be much better if we didnt have any bad people. i believe if we didnt have as much bad people in the world, there wouldnt be any wars, there wouldnt be race problems, or relegion problems,or no problems at all. this way people could live without fear and live in happiness and people would also think of themselves as equal no matter the race or relegion etc.

  4. People like this are much needed in the world! We need more people that care abot and help others and dont just help themselves. This was interesting to read! Hopefully one day we will have no more violence.

    1. Hi, Nick! You are so right, we need people who think about others instead of only themselves. Or maybe we just have to stop being self- centered ourselves, even though it might be hard. Thank you for commenting, it’s so good to get feedback 🙂

  5. I really liked this post, It was really intresting. It would of been cool if we could Skype with someone like that, it seems cool. That would be seriously awesomeif we had peace for one day. But then again if we had peace every single day all the time things wouldn’t be as exciting. (You should check out my blog)

    1. God day, Paloma! We were very fortunate to Skype with Jeremy Gilley, hopefully your class can do the same in the future. I think you are right about peace not being so exiting if it is everyday. However, it would be good for the people living in conflict areas, or violent homes, to get a break, they deserve it. What is the link to your blog? Looking forward to checking it out:)

  6. :)Kirstin , I really like your post . Peace One Day , I believe will be very sucessful in years coming because like you said if you know the date hopefully it’ll teach you to treat other people better . & I believe that the more people who know about it the better , therefor our WHOLE country will FINALLY be peacful . So continue to spread the word and being an excellent writer . Keep it up .

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