There are others

Hi everybody!

Yesterday, a thought crossed my mind. (In many ways it was very obvious, but still, I had not thought much about it).There are not only Norwegian teenagers and young adults who are interested in studying in other countries. We have contact with a children’s school in Lesotho (Mamoeketsi primary school in Maseru, Lesotho), and through a Skype-meeting with some of them, I learned that they were very similar to us. One boy wanted to study in Australia, whilst several of them said they wanted to spend a year in Norway. Despite coming from different parts of the globe, with different economic situations, our dreams were very much the same.  Many people feel the need to visit other places and experience new cultures. To me, it is important to remember that the dreams and hopes that I, as a teenager in Norway, have is not only limited to our country. As a result of the globalization, the world is more closely knit than ever, meaning that I can have dreams and interests in common with, for instance, children in Lesotho.

Unfortunately, it is more challenging for the children in Lesotho to take an exchange year because of their economic situation. In Norway we have a system that is very much supportive of studying in other countries as part of a study program. For instance, if you are to study in a country with a foreign language that you don’t know from before, the government pays for a 4 weeks language course in the country. I am, therefore, very content with living in Norway. Still, I hope that the children from the school in Lesotho manage to follow their dreams and get to see other parts of the world. Image

The photo is borrowed from ACT, a Facebook page about the co-operation between Sandvika High School and a primary school in Lesotho.

– Kristin


7 thoughts on “There are others

      1. I liked your post. I would even think about traveling ato a differet continent to discover and study something new

  1. Hej Kristen, Im Vivi. If I understand what your saying, I agree we should be aware of the children around the world! I personally would love to travel, I want to be an artist when I grow up, and would like to get insperation from the cultures all over the word! Vi hörs senare! 🙂 (Sorry if I said that wrong, my Swedish is a little rusty.)

    1. Hei, Vivi! Your Swedish is great! Where have you learned that? 🙂 Good luck with becoming an artist, I think it is important for people to follow their dreams, so I admire you for that. Do you know where you would like to travel?

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