Think before you act!

In today’s technological society it is important to consider which information you want to share on the internet. Once it is out there for everyone to see, it can be proven difficult to remove. Therefore it’s smart to be proactive, to think before you act. is a website devoted to teaching people to think before they act, write, share etc. (The name says it all). What is great about this web-site is that its design and layout is unique.  It presents several cases, or scenarios, each with a specific problem you have to answer yes or no to. In that way, ThinkB4U “forces” people to pay attention and therefore, hopefully, makes them aware of possible consequences their choices can have.

ThinkB4U is in many ways a learning game, and consequently most suited for younger students. Nevertheless, the website is divided into three different categories: advice for students, parents and educators.  ThinkB4Y have tips for most situations, for example shopping online and protecting personal information, making in suitable for all ages. In other words, the web-site is worth a visit if you want to learn more about how to use technology in our everyday life.

To conclude, everybody leaves digital footprints whether they wish to or not. Therefore, it is important to know just what you accept when you, for instance, download an app, use cookie-based web-sites or post something online. Living today involves a lot of technology, and as a result, it is more important than ever to make well- informed choices.

ThinkB4Y- bilde

Visit for more information

–              Kristin


3 thoughts on “Think before you act!

  1. Hello, Kristin!
    I think this is a very interesting blog-post. I ilke that you give good advice along, as well as talking about the website. You write very well, which makes it even more interesting.
    Good work!
    xoxo Marte

  2. Hello Kristin,
    my name is Angel, and i think the website “” is very usefull. I think it is very useful because, it teaches kids to think before you put something bad on the internet because it is almost impossible for it to be erased and somethings you put on the internet could potentially destroy your future. Also why it is very useful because it teaches kids how to use technology. All in all I think this website is really vaulable.

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