Fighting for justice

As a biographical drama, the film “Erin Brockovich” is based on the true story of a single mother’s persistence in the Hinkley- case, leading up to the biggest medical settlement lawsuit in history. After getting the job as a file clerk in a lawyer- office, Erin is given a pro bono case containing irregularities, which drives her to further investigation. As a result, she discovers that Pacific Gas and Electricity has been contaminating the groundwater in Hinkley, California, causing a big part of the population to get sick. The film “Erin Brockovich” is a real-life take on David versus Goliath, showing us that big companies have to be held responsible for their actions.

First, to get some insight in how a small law firm could win against a billion dollar- company, it is crucial to understand the importance of Erin’s commitment in the case against PG and E. Compared to big law firms with employees who are only interested in the facts, Erin showed a keen interest in her clients’ well-being. For instance, she knew every single client’s number, family and history of diseases by heart. In that way, she developed a relationship with the inhabitants in the small town, causing them to trust her, and, simultaneously, fueling her will to fight for justice. It is, therefore, reasonable to say that the case would not have ended the way it did without Erin’s commitment. She demanded much of Pacific Gas and Electricity, not settling for anything less than what she thought her clients deserved. This work-ethic and will to fight resulted later in a company: Brockovich Research and Consulting, which is, at the moment, involved in numerous environmental projects worldwide. Several of these cases involve contaminated ground water. (Brockovich)

In fact, contaminated ground water is a global problem that has to be dealt with. Brockovich Research and Consulting has not only had cases in every state of the US, but also in Australia and other international hot spots. (Brockovich)  The film “Erin” and the publicity around the lawsuit, has in other words contributed to a higher level of awareness connected to environmental issues, such as contaminated groundwater. Consequently, companies responsible for the pollution have met a more critical population in the cooling water of the Hinkley lawsuit. Furthermore, the lawsuit itself caused a public realization that big businesses are not untouchable. Nevertheless, it is important to continue fighting against the unjust treating of our globe and the inhabitants, leading up to premature death and the destruction of whole areas.

To summarize, the film Erin Brockovich is an inspirational film about the importance of standing up against injustice. Showing what consequences contaminated ground water can have on a population, this story not only provokes people, it also strengthens the impression that companies in charge of a crime have to suffer the consequences.  It is only if we stand up and fight against global pollution, fight for justice, that there can be a change.


Erin Brockovich

– Kristin


3 thoughts on “Fighting for justice

  1. Yes let’s certainly hope so! Imagine offering a lot of money for their houses to conceal the fact that the whole family was being poisoned. It is terrible and not the first time this has happened. Let’s hope it is the last?

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